What do you say in an eulogy?

Published: 9/8/2023

When faced with the task of delivering a eulogy, a flood of emotions and memories may overwhelm you. Try and look at a eulogy as your chance to honour and celebrate the life of the person who has passed away, to share stories that reflect their character and to provide comfort to those who are grieving.

In this article, we'll guide you through the process of creating a sincere and meaningful eulogy that captures the essence of your loved one's life.

Begin with reflections

Start your eulogy by sharing personal reflections on the life of the departed. Think about the moments you shared, the lessons you learned and the impact they had on your life. This is your opportunity to convey the genuine emotions you're feeling. Paint a picture of who they were as a person and what they meant to you and others.

Recall cherished memories

Focus on sharing anecdotes and stories that capture the uniqueness of the person you're remembering. Choose stories that highlight their character, quirks and passions. These stories will not only help everyone remember the person but also bring smiles and perhaps even laughter amidst the tears.

Celebrate their achievements

Whether it's a successful career, hobbies, community involvement, or acts of kindness, these achievements showcase the impact they had on the world around them. Emphasise how their efforts improved the lives of those they touched.

Speak to their qualities

Highlight the qualities that made them special. Were they compassionate, resilient, humorous or kind-hearted? Mentioning these qualities not only keeps their memory alive but also inspires those listening to uphold similar virtues in their own lives.

Share their life's passions

Delve into the interests and passions that brought joy and purpose to their life. Whether it was gardening, painting, music or sports, discussing their passions will provide a deeper understanding of their personality and what made them happy.

Express gratitude

Express gratitude for the time you had with them and the lessons they taught you. Show appreciation for the support they offered and the memories you shared. Let your words convey how much they meant to you and the positive influence they had on your life.

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Offer comfort and hope  

Acknowledge the pain of loss while also offering reassurance and hope. Share thoughts or quotes that speak to the cycle of life and the idea that their memory will live on in the hearts of those they touched. Comforting words can provide solace to those who are grieving.

Emphasise their legacy

Explore how their legacy will continue to impact future generations. This is an opportunity to discuss the mark they left on the world and how their values and teachings will be passed down through family, friends and community.

Invite reflection and closure

Close your eulogy by inviting those listening to reflect on the life of the departed. Encourage them to continue sharing stories, memories and lessons learned from the person's life. This sense of closure can help attendees process their grief and find meaning in the loss.

Overcoming the fear of speaking

Practice taking deep breaths and focusing on the message rather than perfection. This moment is about sharing heartfelt memories and emotions and the gathered will be supportive and understanding of that.

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Rehearsing and delivering your eulogy

Practising in front of a mirror, a close friend or family member to get comfortable with the words. To help manage emotions during your delivery, take pauses and deep breaths. Remember, it is okay to show vulnerability, as it conveys the depth of the relationship shared with the departed.

When facing the task of writing a eulogy, embrace the memories that surface. Let the stories flow, the emotions rise and the words convey your genuine feelings. Through your eulogy, you have the power to bring solace, share laughter and celebrate a life well lived.

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