A eulogy for my best friend: How to share their story

Published: 29/4/2024

Losing a best friend is an emotional journey and expressing your feelings through a eulogy can be both therapeutic and a beautiful way to pay tribute to their life from a friend's perspective. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of sharing your best friend's story in a eulogy, offering insights on how to cherish memories, create an impactful opening line and deliver a beautiful eulogy that truly captures their essence.

How do you share memories in a eulogy?

Reflect on shared moments

Begin by reflecting on the moments that defined your friendship. Consider the laughter, adventures and challenges you faced together. What memories stand out as true representations of your friend's character? Recall stories that showcase their personality and the unique bond you shared.

Speak from the heart

Don't be afraid to show vulnerability in your eulogy. Sharing personal stories - whether they are good or rebellious - and expressing your emotions will make the eulogy more authentic and relatable. Talk about the impact your friend had on your life and the lives of others. Genuine emotion will resonate with the audience and create a lasting impression.

Include contributions from others

Reach out to mutual friends for their cherished friendship memories. Incorporating diverse perspectives will paint a comprehensive picture of your best friend's life. Highlighting their impact on a broader community will make the eulogy more inclusive and meaningful.

Balance humour and emotion

Celebrate your friend's life by infusing the eulogy with a mix of humour and emotion. Share light-hearted anecdotes that bring smiles, balanced with heartfelt stories that evoke deeper emotions. Striking this balance will create a eulogy that truly captures the essence of your friend's personality.  

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What is the best opening for a eulogy?

Acknowledge the loss

Start by acknowledging the pain of the loss. Express your gratitude to the family for the opportunity to speak about your dear friend, setting the tone for a heartfelt tribute. This opening creates a connection with those in attendance, acknowledging the collective grief everyone shares.

Capture their essence

Craft an opening line that encapsulates the spirit of your best friend. Whether it's a quote they loved, a characteristic phrase they often used, or a memory that symbolises their personality - make it a line that instantly resonates with those who knew them well.

Set the tone

Consider the overall tone you want to convey. If your friend has a vibrant and lively personality, start with a cheerful anecdote. If their character was more contemplative, begin with a reflective quote or a thoughtful observation. The opening sets the stage for the entire eulogy, so choose words that mirror their essence.

What makes a beautiful eulogy?


The most beautiful eulogies come from the heart. Be authentic in your words and emotions. Share your genuine thoughts and feelings and don't be afraid to let your vulnerability shine through. The sincerity of your tribute will resonate with the audience.

Structure and flow

Organise your eulogy in a way that flows naturally. Consider starting with childhood memories, progressing through significant life events and concluding with reflections on the present. A well-structured eulogy helps the audience follow the narrative of your friend's life.

Memorable conclusion

Wrap up your eulogy with a memorable conclusion. Summarise the essence of your friend's life and express gratitude for the time you shared. Conclude with a message that leaves a lasting impression, inspiring the audience to carry forward the legacy of your best friend.  

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Crafting a eulogy is a poignant task, but it's also an opportunity to celebrate the life of your dear friend. Through shared memories, a thoughtful opening line and a beautiful tribute, you can create a eulogy that honours their story and provides solace to those mourning their loss. Remember, your words have the power to comfort and heal, offering a meaningful farewell to a dearly loved and cherished friend.

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