How to pay tribute to someone who has died

Published: 17/1/2024
How to pay tribute to someone who has died
How to pay tribute to someone who has died

In this article, we will guide you on how to place a tribute and honour someone who has passed away. We understand that this is a sensitive topic, and we're here to help you through this process with care and empathy.

Choosing the right medium for your tribute 

When it comes to placing a tribute, the first thing you'll need to decide is the medium you want to use. My Tributes provides a dedicated platform for memorialising your loved one. Here are some popular options on My Tributes:  

Online notices 

My Tributes is an online memorial platform that allows you to create a dedicated page for your loved one, where you can post photos, videos, stories and messages. You can also invite friends and family to contribute, making it a collective space to remember and celebrate their life.  

Place a notice here

Creating a meaningful tribute

The essence of a tribute is to remember and celebrate the person who has passed away. To create a meaningful tribute, consider the following:

Reflect on their life

Think about the person's life, their passions, hobbies, and achievements. What made them unique and special? Your tribute should reflect these qualities and capture their essence.

Share stories and memories

Share personal stories and memories that highlight the qualities and characteristics that made your loved one special. Whether it's a funny anecdote or a heartfelt moment, sharing these stories on My Tributes can help you and others connect with the person's memory.

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Share their story

Include memorable photos

My Tributes allows you to incorporate visual elements like photographs, adding a personal touch to your tribute. These elements help others remember the person as they were and can evoke strong emotions.

How do you honour someone with words?

Whether you're creating a tribute online or in print, you'll need to write a message that conveys your feelings and memories. When writing your tribute, consider the following tips:

Be sincere and honest

Write from the heart. Be honest about your emotions and memories on  My Tributes. People will appreciate the authenticity of your tribute.

Highlight their positive qualities

Focus on the positive aspects of the person's life and character. Celebrate their achievements, their kindness, and their impact on others.

Keep it personal

While it's important to acknowledge the person's accomplishments, don't forget to make it personal. Share stories that only you can tell, and express your own feelings and thoughts.

Conclude with a meaningful message

Wrap up your tribute with a meaningful message or wish. It can be a farewell message, a call to remember the person's legacy, or an expression of gratitude for having known them.  

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Gathering contributions from others

Remember that you don't have to do this alone. On My Tributes, you can include friends and family members' messages on your online tribute with unlimited text. Sharing stories and memories from different perspectives can create a richer and more comprehensive tribute.

How to pay tribute to someone who has died
How to pay tribute to someone who has died

Maintaining the tribute on My Tributes

After you've placed the tribute, it's essential to maintain it over time. Here are a few tips to help you do that:

Regular updates

Consider updating your tribute on My Tributes from time to time with new stories, photos, or milestones. This keeps the memory alive and allows others to continue sharing their own memories.

Annual commemorations

Consider marking significant dates with tributes or gatherings on My Tributes. These occasions provide an opportunity for friends and family to come together in remembrance.

Remember to take care of yourself 

Taking care of your own emotional well-being is an important part of your grieving journey. Grief can be physically and mentally exhausting, so be sure to seek support when you need it, and don't hesitate to take a step back when necessary.

To find support:    

Beyond Blue provides Australians with information and support to improve their mental health. Call 1300 22 46 36 or visit for more information.    

Lifeline Australia provides Australians experiencing a personal crisis with access to 24-hour crisis support. Call 13 11 14 or visit for more information.    

GriefLine listens, cares and supports people experiencing loss and grief, at any stage in life. Call 1300 845 6am to midnight AEST, 7 days a week.    

MensLine Australia is a professional telephone and online support and information service for Australian men. Call 1300 78 99 78, 24 hours / 7 days a week.    

Kids Helpline is a free 24/7, confidential and private counselling service Australia wide specifically for children and young people aged 5 to 25 years. Call 1800 55 1800.    

Life Supports Counselling provides Australians with experienced counsellors & psychologists in their local area Australia-wide. Call 1300 735

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