Share their story: Free obituary template for your loved one

Published: 8/4/2024

We understand the challenges you face and in an effort to assist you, we've created a free obituary template that aims to guide you through this process. With heartfelt sincerity, we invite you to use this template to share your loved one's story and celebrate the beautiful life they lived.

Obituary template

In loving memory of (full name)  

Introduction: celebrating a life well-lived  

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our beloved (full name), who departed this world on (date). (He/She) touched the lives of many with (his/her) kindness, compassion and love.  

Early life: painting a picture of the past  

(Full name) was born on (date of birth) in (place of birth), to (parents' names). From a young age, (he/she) displayed (characteristic traits), foreshadowing the remarkable individual (he/she) would become.  

Life's work and passions: a chronicle of accomplishments  

Dedicated to (his/her) craft, (full name) pursued (profession/passion) with unparalleled fervour. (He/She) achieved (notable accomplishments), leaving an indelible mark on (industry/community). (His/Her) commitment to (cause/hobby) reflected (his/her) deep passion for (specific values or interests).  

Cherished relationships: family and friends  

At the core of (full name)'s joy were the cherished relationships (he/she) cultivated. (He/She) is survived by (spouse/children/family members), who were the pillars of (his/her) strength. (His/Her) friendships were a testament to (his/her) ability to connect deeply with others.  

Final farewell: a gracious goodbye  

As we bid farewell to (full name), we carry forward the love and lessons (he/she) bestowed upon us. (His/Her) memory will forever remain close in our hearts. In lieu of flowers, the family kindly requests (specific requests or charitable donations).

Why My Tributes? A platform to share and preserve memories

Navigating the emotional process of creating and sharing an obituary is undoubtedly challenging. My Tributes understands the sensitivity of these moments and provides a supportive environment to help you share your loved one's story.  

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Community support: a place to connect and remember

Grieving is a shared experience and My Tributes fosters a sense of community and support. Connect with others who are going through similar journeys, share stories and find solace in the collective strength of those who understand the depth of your loss.

Timeless preservation: creating a lasting legacy

My Tributes is more than a platform for sharing death and funeral notices; it's a space to preserve memories for generations to come. Your loved one's obituary becomes a digital legacy, a timeless tribute that can be revisited by friends, family and future generations.  

Our free obituary template is a heartfelt guide designed to help you express your emotions and celebrate a life well-lived. Take comfort in knowing that with My Tributes, you can create a lasting legacy that honours your loved one and brings solace to those who share in your loss.  

Celebrate the life of your loved one and preserve their memory for generations to come with our professional obituary service. Please click below.

Share their story

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