Secret sauce for storytelling to honour your loved one

Published: 25/8/2023
Sally Douglas Imogen Carn Good Mourning Podcast
Sally Douglas Imogen Carn Good Mourning Podcast

Stories shape our lives, create connections and help foster meaning with others. What's truly magical is that everyone's story is unique.  

Whether you're reminiscing about a childhood friend, favourite aunty or life partner, everyone has a story worth sharing. It's something we've learnt since we started our podcast, Good Mourning, and now we want to share our learnings with you.  

When we lose a loved one, storytelling becomes essential in keeping our loved one's memory alive. Through stories, we can stay connected to them, honouring their legacy and the mark they made. Sharing anecdotes, quotes, the things that made them unique and the lasting impact they had on us and others allows us to memorialise those we love. Furthermore, memorialising them through words also enables us to hold onto a piece of them - their knowledge, wisdom and our unique connection with them.  

The power of storytelling is more than simply reminiscing - it's a way to create a lasting legacy and let your person take centre stage by capturing memories you can look back on whenever you want. A little bit like a time capsule, the magical art of memorialisation through storytelling is that it's a fantastic way to ensure their imprint never fades.

Sharing can help us bond with others, too. Often when we lose a loved one, the comfort of others is one of the most necessary ways we feel connected and supported. You may find that you uncover forgotten memories, hear new perspectives, or discover new things, all through the simple act of sharing a story. 

It can be a cathartic experience, too, and sometimes even act as an emotional release.   Here are three storytelling techniques you can try:

Memories as the foundation

It starts with memories because they are at the heart of your story. Think about the good times you had with your person, and list anything that comes to mind. 

  • What were the special moments you shared? 
  • Were there any funny experiences? 
  • What about the challenges you faced together?
  • Inside jokes?
  •  Unforgettable milestones?
  •  Something you did together regularly?
  •  A shared hobby? 

Write them all down because as you do, you're painting a picture of their personality and the bond you shared. 

Share their uniqueness 

Show them off! Shout out what you loved, what made them unique, and what you want the world to know about them.

  • What made them one of a kind?
  • What did they do better than anyone else?
  • What were they good at?
  • What traits of theirs do you carry forward?

Whether it's a contagious laugh, a famous one-liner or an endearing habit, these little quirks made them who they were. So in your story, let these qualities shine. Share examples that highlight their personality, values, and all those little things that made them tick, so you can bring all sides of their character to life.

Secret sauce for storytelling to honour your loved one, Sally Douglas Imogen Carn
Secret sauce for storytelling to honour your loved one, Sally Douglas Imogen Carn

Emotions as the bridge 

Let your emotions flow because this is where the magic happens. Think about your feelings and how you felt when you were with them - the happy, the sad, the silly, and all the profound moments. Your words can act like a bridge to emotions, so don't be afraid to use words that evoke emotion that will make readers feel like they're right there with you.  

MyTributes is the perfect place to celebrate and share their life story and keep their memory alive while also bringing comfort to others. By sharing genuine moments, highlighting their uniqueness, and tapping into your emotions, you can create a tribute that's more than just words. You can bring their spirit to life for everyone who reads it. And that's incredibly special.  

By Sally Douglas Imogen Carn, Good Mourning Podcast

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