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Chantal Katri Wise

Published: 15/3/2023

A eulogy delivered by Nikaylia Wise on February 4th 2023 at Gentle Touch Funerals, Mudgeeraba for Chantal Katri Wise.

I want to firstly thank all of Chantal's family and friends for coming today to honour this amazing person who touched the lives of so many. The amount of people here today to pay their final respects to Channy, shows just how many people and families she personally touched. We all knew Chantal as a person that was fiercely loyal, passionate about her chosen profession and someone who could light up any room with her huge smile and humour.

All of us here have known Chan in many different roles - Mumma, daughter, sister, sister-in-law, aunty, cousin, niece, nana, a great friend and boss. I'm sure there are many more but I know the most important one for her was being Jayda's Mumma. Chantal also had a love for her step children Jazz, Dylan and Chenae. She was so excited last year when she found out that she was going to be a Nana to Charlie. Chan was known to her nieces and nephews as Aunty Ganny and even called herself that.

She was the baby of our family and was born to Lorraine and Larry on the 22nd of February 1979. Born on her father's birthday, we think she was always the favourite because of this. Having four very protective older siblings who did everything for her, Chan didn't start talking until she was about 6 or 7. She didn't have to say anything to get what she wanted, for one of them was right there beside her, doing everything for her.  

Chan was our tomboy and loved her sports. She played rugby league for Arncliffe Scotts in Sydney in 1990 and even had to get permission as she wanted to play with the boys. Chan also showed interest in soccer, representing Australia as a goalkeeper at the age of 14 in the World Futsal Championships in Canada. Chan broke her thumb in the game but refused to come off until the whistle had blown. We've even received messages from her friends since her passing saying that she was the best goalkeeper Mackay has ever seen. No one threw their body in front of a ball like her. Chan loved her soccer and her soccer friends were her friends for life. She treasured those memories and the time she spent with all of you girls.  

Chantal had a passion for childcare as we all know and it was definitely her calling in life. Most will say she is the best boss they've ever had. Families of the children in her centres said that they wouldn't have gotten through some of their personal struggles without Chan's love and support. It wasn't just a job to Chan, everyone there was her family and she always had their children's best interests at heart. Most of all, she always supported the mums, dads and families of the children she genuinely loved and cared for.   

Chan said that everyone has a special day in their lives, but the best day of her life was the day her baby girl was born. From the day Jayda came into the world, she couldn't get enough of filling her life with adventures, holidays and fun. This little girl is and always has been the centre of her world.  

Chan was a family girl and her brother and sisters meant the world to her, but it was Mum and Dad who were her best friends. She also cherished the time spent with her nephews and nieces and was always there for their special occasions throughout their lives. She loved watching them grow up and sharing adventures and spoiling them all as much as she could.   

Chan will be dearly missed by everyone who was lucky enough to have had her in their lives. From what she asked us all to wear today - you can see she was down to earth, accepting of everyone for who they were and never judged anyone. She wanted us to come together today to celebrate her life and planned this gathering today herself. So please share your memories, one of her jokes, a funny story or something you shared with her.  

Whether you knew her as Mumma, Chan, Channy, Chantal, Boss or Aunty Ganny, she was exactly the same loyal person to us all. She was your trusted friend and you felt that the minute you met her.  

We could talk for the next week about her but unfortunately, she didn't book us that long.  

As a family, we struggled to cull down the slideshow of pictures to share with you. So please enjoy the selection we hope shows how Chan lived her life

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