A tribute to...

Anthony (Tony) Mifsud

Published: 2/5/2023

A Tribute to Anthony (Tony) Mifsud

I'd like to begin by thanking you all for coming to celebrate Tony's life. Tony was the most gentle, kind-hearted person we've ever known. He touched the lives of all he met with his sense of humour and caring nature. He never spoke ill of anyone, and he'd always be ready to help, even strangers, without any thought of reward…  

He loved telling stories from the old days when he was a young man coming of age around Moonee Ponds and Ascot Vale. He had such fond memories of getting into mischief with his brothers and mates back in the day. And if you knew Tony, a story would take twice as long to tell because he would laugh so much, which of course, made his audience laugh as well!

Early life

Tony was born in Sliema, Malta on the 27th of November 1941. He was the first child of Emanuel and Mary who soon gave Tony his brothers and sister Joe, Rosie and Leno. In 1954, Emanuel came to Australia looking for new opportunities for his family to grow and prosper, and in 1956 Tony and the rest of the family followed, where eventually they bought a house and settled in Monee Ponds. 

Marriage & children

In 1963, Tony married the first love of his life, Georgina. They bought a house in Kings Park where they raised their 3 daughters Lee, Rhonda and Darlene. Although their marriage wasn't permanent, Tony had many happy memories from this time.They eventually separated and then divorced in 1980.  

Tony spent the next few years as a single man until in 1984 he met the second and last love of his life Jan, whom he married in 1990. Their relationship lasted 39 years for which they were married for 33, only to be separated by his passing. As a testament to the great man he was, Tony happily accepted without hesitation, as his own, Jan's three young children Warren, Paul and Linda.  

Tony and Jan spent a few years living in North Altona until purchasing their forever home in Melton where Tony lived happily for the remainder of his days.

Work life

Tony was great with his hands and found that he had a strong interest in woodwork and cabinet making which led to one of his first jobs as a Cabinet Maker when he was still a teenager. Tony's love of cars steered him towards working at various car yards maintaining and detailing the vehicles, keeping them in immaculate condition, as he did with his own cars throughout his life.  

One of his favourite jobs was working for Brad Boyden Motors. Tony became good friends with Brad and was entrusted with the duty of driving Brad's daughter Sally, a member of the Young Talent Time team, to the TV studio and back. A responsibility Tony was quite proud of, often saying how much he loved the job, and that he got to meet Johnny Young!  

Over the following years Tony put his capable hands to various jobs, eventually working for VicRoads for a number of years. He had so many stories about things 'falling off the back of a truck' that he and his workmates had to 'clean up'...   

His last job before retirement, found him back working with cars again fitting radios to newly imported vehicles where he broke the record for the number of radios installed by someone during one shift! No-one could believe this 'old man' could do it…Such was his work ethic!

Significant events and achievements

One of Tony's greatest joys was the births of his 5 grand-children; 

Darlene and Glenn's girls Jacinta and Renee, 

Warren and Julia's kids Cooper and Emersyn, and, 

Linda and Stevie's son Hudson.

Tony absolutely loved being a grandfather and would visibly brighten in their presence.   

One of his proudest accomplishments was when he became an Australian Citizen on the 6th of December 1985. He really enjoyed being called a 'Maltese Aussie'.   

Tony had many great friends throughout his life because it was impossible not to love him, and for the past 25 years he was blessed to call Mario his best mate! They were like two teenagers that couldn't wait to see each other. If they weren't building something, they were fixing it or driving somewhere to help someone else in need of their help.  Tony did love his driving…    


We all have some amazing and happy memories of Tony that we'd love to share, so please honour him by sharing your stories when we gather together this afternoon at his wake to say our final farewells.   

For now, here are a few special memories from some family members;  

Joe: Remembers the long queues to the bathroom because Tony would spend so long in there grooming himself!   Brother Lee: Remembers Tony loved his cars and clothes and always dressed neatly.  

Lee & Rhonda: Remember the fun times they had on their family holidays to Yarrawonga and how Dad used to make conserver for us every Saturday.    

Darlene: Remembers that Dad was the softest most genuine person who loved spoiling the ones he loved.  

Warren: Remembers as kids, tickling Tony on the couch, watching his little legs go crazy and his funny laugh…  

Paul: Remembers on occasion, mocking what Mum was saying behind her back and watching Tony's little belly bounce up and down as he laughed his head off about it!  

Linda: Remembers how proud Tony was when I called him Dad the first time because he was a Dad to me! And having my 2 Dads walk me down the aisle was very special.  

Jan: Remembers so many things, but one thing that stands out is how Tony was terrified of flying but he couldn't wait to get on the plane for their trips to Karratha….He had his bags packed 2 weeks in advance!    

They say, 'The strongest people are given the biggest challenges'…

Well in the final few years of Tony's life he was given his biggest challenge when sadly he was struck down by illness.  It gnawed away at his physical strength, but his strong spirit seldom wavered.  He was a little fighter, but inevitably, the illness took its toll on him, and he just got too weak…

With Paul by his side, holding his hands, Tony's fight ended peacefully just after midnight on Sunday the 16th April 2023. 

In life, Tony loved! That's just what he did, and no doubt, the world is a lesser place without him in it… But he is still in it in our hearts and if we remember his smile, his laugh, his generosity, his kindness, and his love…if we do that, he'll never truly be gone…but for now, he is at peace. We love you Tony and we'll never forget you….


Thank you.   

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Share your own story or eulogy about a loved one, online in a safe environment for future generations. Please click below.

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