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Today is full of memories

of our brother laid to rest

and every single one of them

is filled with happiness

Those special memories of you

will always bring a smile

if only we could have you back

for just a little while

For you were someone special

always such a joy to know

and there was so much pain

when it was time to let you go

The fact you are no longer here

will always cause us pain

but you are forever in our hearts

until we meet again

Your sisters

Franca Fontanarosa and brother-in-law Silvestro Fontanarosa (deceased)

Concetta Pinneri and brother-in-law Vincenzo Pinneri

Tony & Gino Fontanarosa and families

Frank, Rosalba, Maria & Gina Pinneri and families

Love you for eternity

Rest in peace


Date listed: 6/1/2022

Publication: The Advertiser

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