Best funeral songs from the 2020s

Published: 22/4/2024

Music has a unique way of expressing emotions that words alone struggle to convey. In this article, you can explore our list of funeral songs from the 2020s, each offering a poignant and heartfelt tribute to those we've lost. Let's take a moment together to reflect on these beautiful melodies that may bring comfort during difficult times.

Visiting Hours - Ed Sheeran (2021)

Ed Sheeran's "Visiting Hours," serves as a heartfelt ode to the loved ones we've lost. The song's tender lyrics and Sheeran's soulful delivery create a deeply emotional experience, capturing the essence of yearning to spend just a little more time with those who have departed. "Visiting Hours" provides a beautiful soundtrack for the contemplative moments of remembrance during a funeral service.  

Ghost - Justin Bieber (2021)

As you embark on the journey of finding the perfect funeral song, consider "Ghost" by Justin Bieber. This song beautifully captures the essence of dealing with loss and the lingering presence of someone who is no longer physically with us. Bieber's soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics resonate with the complex emotions that often accompany the grieving process, making "Ghost" a poignant choice for a funeral playlist.  

Wrecked - Imagine Dragons (2021)

In times of sorrow, music can serve as a companion that understands the depth of your emotions. "Wrecked" by Imagine Dragons, is a hauntingly beautiful composition that delves into the pain and heartache of losing a loved one. The raw and honest lyrics, combined with the band's distinctive sound, make "Wrecked" a fitting tribute to those who have left an indelible mark on our lives.  

Sleep Well Brother X - The Wanted (2022)

Closing our curated list is "Sleep Well Brother X" by The Wanted, released in 2022. This poignant track serves as a touching tribute to a departed friend or family member. The heartfelt lyrics and the band's sincere delivery offer a comforting embrace, encouraging listeners to find solace in the memories shared with their loved ones. Including "Sleep Well Brother X" in a funeral playlist can be a meaningful way to honor and remember those who have left an indelible impact on our lives.  

Lift Me Up - Rihanna (2022)

Rihanna's "Lift Me Up," carries a soothing and uplifting melody that speaks to the desire for solace and support during challenging times. The song's gentle rhythm and empowering lyrics offer a sense of hope and encouragement, making it a comforting choice for a funeral service. Let the music surround you like a warm embrace as you navigate through the sea of emotions that accompany bidding farewell to a loved one.  

Scars in Heaven - Casting Crowns (2022)

Casting Crowns' "Scars in Heaven," delicately explores themes of grief, faith and the hope of reuniting with loved ones in the afterlife. The song's touching lyrics and comforting melody offer solace to those grappling with loss, emphasising the idea that scars in heaven represent the enduring impact of love. Consider including this poignant track in your funeral playlist to evoke a sense of hope and healing.  

How Do I Say Goodbye - Dean Lewis (2022)

Dean Lewis's "How Do I Say Goodbye," poignantly encapsulates the difficulty of bidding farewell to someone dear. The emotional intensity of Lewis's vocals combined with the soul-stirring lyrics provides a resonant backdrop for expressing the pain and heartache associated with loss. This song serves as a heartfelt tribute, giving voice to the emotions that may be challenging to articulate during such a profound moment.  

Seven Minutes in Heaven - Reba McEntire (2023)

Reba McEntire's "Seven Minutes in Heaven," offers a reflective and tender perspective on love, loss and the passage of time. The song's nostalgic undertones and McEntire's emotive delivery create a poignant atmosphere, making it a fitting addition to a funeral playlist. Allow the melodic strains to evoke cherished memories and celebrate the enduring impact of those we hold dear in our hearts.  

The Loneliest - Maneskin (2023)

"The Loneliest" by Maneskin, invites listeners into a contemplative space where the depth of loneliness and loss is explored. The haunting melody and poignant lyrics convey a sense of shared vulnerability, making it a poignant choice to memorialise a loved one. Maneskin's distinctive sound adds a unique texture to the grieving process, providing a musical refuge for those in need.  

The carefully selected funeral songs from the 2020s presented in this article aim to provide comfort and support as you navigate the challenging journey of saying goodbye. Whether you find resonance in the soulful melodies or connect with the heartfelt lyrics, may these songs serve as a source of strength during moments of reflection and remembrance.  

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