How to write a eulogy with humour with examples

Published: 5/4/2023

"There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humour." Charles Dickens

Eulogies don't always have to be sombre and serious affairs. Adding a little (or a lot) of humour to your eulogy can help bring light to a dark and difficult time - if done correctly, can even make a sad moment more memorable.

In this article we hope to provide a few practical tips on writing a humorous eulogy, which is aimed at those who lived a very humorous life and who would appreciate the more celebratory tone.

Start with a fond memory

To write a eulogy with humour, begin by reflecting on the person's life and think about their unique traits, quirks - and of course their sense of humour! This will help you create a eulogy that feels personal and authentic. Recalling a really funny and memorable story that you shared together is a great way to start.

Start with a fond memory when writing a eulogy with humour
Start with a fond memory when writing a eulogy with humour

Use appropriate eulogy humour

It's very important to practise appropriate humour at all times when writing a eulogy. Avoid silly jokes that could be seen as offensive or disrespectful to the person you're eulogising or their loved ones. Instead, focus more on the lighthearted and uplifting stories that capture the person's spirit and the joy they brought to everyone's lives.

Share funny stories in your eulogy with humour

Sharing funny stories is an excellent way to add humour to your eulogy. Reflect on your memories of the person and think about all those times they made you belly laugh. These stories will help the audience remember the person's life and legacy and will bring a welcomed smile to their faces.

Use eulogy with humour to lighten the mood

Laughter has and always will be the best medicine. Adding humour to your eulogy helps lighten the mood and can provide a sense of relief during such an emotionally heavy time. Adding humorous stories to break up the more serious parts of your eulogy can also help the audience feel more relaxed and comforted.

Personalise your eulogy with humour

When writing any eulogy, it's important to make it personal, people want to feel connected. Therefore, try to avoid using generic or borrowed jokes that don't feel authentic to the person you're eulogising. Instead, tap into all those wonderful experiences and memories you shared together to create a heartfelt eulogy that truly captures your loved ones essence.

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Balance humour with sincerity in your eulogy with humour

While humour is indeed wonderful medicine, it's essential to balance it with sincerity. Acknowledge the audience's grief and offer comfort and support. Your eulogy should balance between being light-hearted and sincere, celebrating their legacy while still providing comfort to those in attendance.

Practise, practise, practise

Once you've written your eulogy, it's important to practise your delivery - after all, humour is all the timing! So putting in a lot of practice will help make sure you've got your jokes down pat. You can practise in front of a mirror or in front of a friend and be open for any feedback.

Writing a eulogy with humour can be a wonderful way to celebrate the life of someone whose humour was infectious and whose laughter and light will be missed most of all. Finally, remember that your eulogy with humour should first and foremost celebrate the person's life and bring comfort to those who are grieving.

Eulogy with humour examples

Example 1

Today, we're here to celebrate the life of Janice, a woman who had a heart of gold and a sense of humour to match. Janice once told me that she wanted her funeral to be a potluck, so she could try everyone's favourite meals one last time. Well, Janice, we hope you're enjoying the feast up there and we promise we won't forget to bring your famous banoffee pie. Rest in peace, Janice.

Example 2

Today, we're gathered here to say hooroo to my mate Johnno, a man whose passion for fishing was surpassed only by his love for family and friends. Johnno was the kind of mate who would give you the shirt off his back, but only if you promised to use it as a fishing net. His jokes and constant one-liners were as sharp as his fishing hooks and his smile could light up any room brighter than a fishing lure in the dark. You may be gone from this life Johnno, but your hilarious spirit and contagious laughter will stay with us all forever. I miss you mate, rest in peace, our beloved fisherman.

By Kirsten Jakubenko

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