Eulogy example for husband

Published: 15/8/2023 | Updated: 21/8/2023

Losing a husband is a journey marked with an array of mixed emotions-profound sadness, cherished memories and an everlasting love that will forever - and ever, remain in your heart.

In this article, we hope to help guide you through creating a heartfelt eulogy that pays tribute to the unique role your husband played in your family's life. We hope by sharing this, we can help you navigate through this challenging time with a comforting hand and supportive words.

Eulogy example for husband
Eulogy example for husband

Structuring your eulogy

Creating a eulogy is a powerful way to honour the life of your dear husband and share the love you both cherished. While words may never fully capture the depth of how you felt towards him, structuring your eulogy can help to express your thoughts and memories that little bit easier.

Honouring husband's memory: A eulogy structure

  • Introduction: Begin by expressing gratitude for those in attendance and acknowledging the significance of the moment. Speak about the role your husband held in your life.
  • Early life and passion: Share some details about your husband's early years, childhood memories and the passions he had. This is where you could highlight, for example: his early love for cars, music, fishing, photography or the outdoors.
  • Family and fatherhood: Emphasise his role as a father, a partner and a guiding presence in your family's journey. Share stories that showcase his, for example: his nurturing and fun-loving nature.
  • His personality: Paint a vivid picture of his personality-describe, for example: his loud and infectious laughter, his zest for life, his commitment to learning or his moments of gentle nurturing.
  • Shared memories: Recall special moments you both shared, whether it was, for example: the joy of camping trips, strumming his guitar, kicking the footy or the laughter that would always echo through your home.  
  • Lessons and legacy: Reflect on the values he imparted, the lessons he taught, and the legacy he leaves behind.  
  • Conclusion: End with a heartfelt goodbye, acknowledging the pain of parting, the pain of life without him, while celebrating the enduring love that will forever stay with you.  

Honouring your husband's memory is a special way of keeping his legacy alive, an opportunity to let his spirit shine through your words and to let others know the extraordinary man that he was.

Eulogy example for husband
Eulogy example for husband

Eulogy example for husband

Family and friends,

Today, as we gather to remember and celebrate the life of my truly exceptional husband, [Husband's Name], I am reminded of the profound impact he had on so many. While our hearts ache with the pain of his loss, I know we are also filled with gratitude for the love and memories we got to share with him.

[Husband's Name] was more than a husband; he was a partner, a best friend, and a pillar of strength. His presence could light up a room, and his laughter was infectious, spreading warmth wherever he went. He had a heart that was as soft and tender as a whispering breeze, yet his personality was as bold and vibrant as the colours of a sunrise.

  As a father, [Husband's Name] was unparalleled. His love for our two children was boundless, and he embraced the role of a father with a sense of joy and dedication that was truly inspiring. He was there for every scraped knee, every bedtime story, and every milestone, cheering them on with a heart full of pride.

[Husband's Name]'s passions were a reflection of his vibrant spirit. His love for cars was more than just an interest; it was a deep-rooted connection. He could spend hours talking about engines, horsepower, and the thrill of the open road. His eyes would light up with excitement, and his enthusiasm was contagious, leaving all those around him captivated by his stories.

But it wasn't just about cars. [Husband's Name] had a gift for music, his fingers dancing over the strings of his guitar, creating melodies that seemed to speak to the very soul. Whether it was around a campfire or in the comfort of home, his music became the soundtrack to our lives.

In a world that often seems fast-paced and chaotic, [Husband's Name] had a way of reminding us of the importance of slowing down and savouring life's treasures. He loved camping trips, where he could escape the noise of the city and find solace in the tranquillity of nature. He showed us that it's the quiet moments, the moments spent with loved ones, that truly matter. And oh, how he loved to laugh! [Husband's Name]'s laughter was infectious, and I miss hearing it already.

It's so hard to say goodbye to you [Husband's Name], but I will try and carry forward the lessons you taught us: the importance of laughter, the value of family moments, and the power of a really good sing-along. Though you're not here with us in body, your spirit lives on in the memories we will forever cherish and the love that will forever connect us.

If you need support:  

Beyond Blue provides Australians with information and support to improve their mental health. Call 1300 22 46 36 or visit for more information.  

Lifeline Australia provides Australians experiencing a personal crisis with access to 24-hour crisis support. Call 13 11 14 or visit for more information.  

GriefLine listens, cares and supports people experiencing loss and grief, at any stage in life. Call 1300 845 6am to midnight AEST, 7 days a week.  

Life Supports Counselling provides Australians with experienced counsellors & psychologists in their local area Australia-wide. Call 1300 735

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