Can you play rock music at a funeral? Sure can, here are 12 best rock songs

Published: 15/11/2023
Can you play rock music at a funeral? Sure can, here are 12 best rock songs
Can you play rock music at a funeral? Sure can, here are 12 best rock songs

In this article, we've curated a list of the top 12 best rock funeral songs to help you pay tribute to your loved one.

Knocking on heaven's door by Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan's timeless classic, "Knocking on Heaven's Door," has a gentle acoustic guitar and heartfelt lyrics that create a soothing atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for a memorial service.

Wish you were here by Pink Floyd

The ethereal sound of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" can provide a sense of longing and reflection. Its lyrics touch on themes of absence and loss, making it a poignant addition to a funeral playlist.

Angie by the Rolling Stones

With its melancholic melody and Mick Jagger's emotive vocals, "Angie" by The Rolling Stones conveys the complex emotions that often accompany grief. It's a song that can help mourners connect with their feelings during a difficult time.

In my life by the Beatles

The Beatles' "In My Life" is a sentimental choice that celebrates the memories shared with a loved one. Its lyrics encapsulate the essence of remembrance and the enduring impact of those we've lost.

Black by Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam's "Black" is a hauntingly beautiful song that delves into themes of love and loss. Its raw emotional intensity can resonate deeply with those in mourning.

Tears in heaven by Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton's "Tears in Heaven" is a profoundly moving tribute to his late son. The song's tender lyrics and acoustic arrangement convey a sense of vulnerability and loss that can provide solace to grieving hearts.

Free bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd

While "Free Bird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd may be known for its epic guitar solos, its lyrics also touch on themes of liberation and the desire for peace. It can serve as a symbol of the departed finding freedom and release.

Stairway to heaven by Led Zeppelin

"Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin is a rock masterpiece that combines intricate guitar work with poetic lyrics. It can offer a sense of spiritual transcendence and hope during a sombre occasion.

Simple man by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Simple Man" carries a message of guidance and love from a parent to a child. Its heartfelt lyrics can remind mourners of the enduring wisdom and care that a loved one provided.

Time by Pink Floyd

Closing our list is another Pink Floyd classic, "Time." This song's contemplative lyrics and intricate musical composition invite reflection on the passage of time and the importance of cherishing moments with those we care about.

Finding comfort in music

These rock songs offer a range of emotions, from sorrow to hope, and can help you create a meaningful and memorable tribute to your loved one. Remember that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, and the songs you select should reflect the personality and preferences of the person you are honouring.

Additional resources for funeral planning

If you're in the midst of planning a funeral or memorial service, you might also consider incorporating poetry into the ceremony. Poems can add an extra layer of depth and meaning to the proceedings. Here are a few resources to help you find the perfect funeral poem:  

Online Poem Collections: Numerous websites offer a wide selection of poems suitable for funerals. You can search by theme or author to find the perfect words to express your feelings.  

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Consult with a Poet: If you're looking for something truly unique and personal, consider reaching out to a poet who can craft a custom poem tailored to your loved one's life and legacy. 

Ask Friends and Family: Don't hesitate to ask friends and family members if they have any favourite poems or writings that hold special meaning. Sometimes, a cherished poem from a loved one's collection can be a beautiful addition to the service.

The 12 best rock funeral songs we've shared here are just a starting point. Ultimately, the most meaningful choices will be those that resonate with your heart and honour the memory of the person you've lost. Our thoughts are with you as you navigate this emotional journey, and we hope that these songs and poems bring comfort and healing.

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