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Premium Obituary Package

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Everyday across the country, News Corp's trusted leading news network helps to commemorate those that have passed by sharing a part of their story. The following tribute packages have been created as a special way to commemorate a loved one. See below for some of the ways we can help mark their memory in a lasting way.

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Professional Obituary

Celebrating your loved one’s life with a tribute article or obituary written by an experienced Journalist and published in your preferred local or state newspaper.

Premium obituary print example


Optional Keepsake Video (family)

Mark your loved one’s memory with a professional tribute video featuring images, video, quotes and audio. Use this video at your loved one’s funeral, or as a tribute later. In a digital format, this keepsake will stand the test of time.


Professional Keepsake Video (an organisation/professional)

More than a typical tribute video and suited for a pivotal community figure or member of organisation, this package is a professional video. This option includes everything from the family video option with the additions of video interviews, voiceovers and HD filming of pivotal locations in the persons life.


Digital Listing and online article

An online destination to send family and friends to pay tribute. This article page features an image galley, keepsake video and tribute article, ensuring it’s easy to locate this also includes an online notice. This will stay online forever creating an important online memorial available to visit at any time.

Premium obituary digital example



A print and digital copy of the Newspaper tribute will be provided, in addition to a digital copy of the video. To ensure the article/obituary lasts the test of time, an A3 print of the newspaper page will be framed and sent out to you as a lasting way to commemorate your loved one.

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