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Premium Obituary or Tribute Article

Let our experienced journalists tell your loved one's unique and special story. Commemorate their life in the newspaper/s of your choice and receive an online memorial listing, digital obituary and framed copy of the newspaper article, ensuring this touching keepsake pays tribute to your loved one and lasts the test of time.

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Professional Obituary or Tribute

Commemorate your loved one's life in a meaningful way, with our professionally-written obituaries and tribute articles in memoriam. Sizes range from quarter, half and full-page articles, published in the newspaper/s of your choice, from local community publications to metropolitan dailies such as the Herald Sun or The Daily Telegraph.


Keepsake Video

Mark your loved one's memory with a custom-made professional tribute video featuring images, video, quotes and audio. Our service is timely, giving you the option to use the video at your loved one's funeral, or as a lasting tribute to celebrate their life. Provided to you in a digital format, this keepsake can be shared among family, friends and colleagues and will stand the test of time.

With prompt and overnight delivery options, we'll ensure your tribute video is ready in time for any upcoming events, memorial or funeral services.


We are committed to ensuring your loved one's memory lives on and our team takes pride in offering a My Tributes listing that will appear online forever, creating an important online memorial destination available to visit at any time. In addition, we will provide a framed, keepsake copy of the newspaper article,along with digital copies ensuring a lasting tribute.



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