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Every day, our leading news network helps commemorate those who have passed, turning their unique stories to everlasting memories. Our obituary service helps tell your loved one's story, written by an experienced Journalist and published in a trusted Newspaper. Register your interest by clicking the button below or scroll down for further information on this service.

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Treasure your loved one's life with our professional obituaries and tribute articles. The My Tributes obituary service is a beautiful way to share your loved one's story and create a part of your families living history. This includes your choice of a quarter, half, or full-page story that will be published in the newspaper of your choice. This ranges from your local community newspaper to the metropolitan daily papers, including The Herald Sun, The Courier Mail, The Daily Telegraph and The Advertiser, as well as online at My Tributes.

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Encapsulate your loved one's memories with our carefully curated, custom-made tribute videos, featuring a memorable montage of photos, video footage, quotes and audio.

During such a difficult time, we are here to help make things easier. The fast production time of the videos gives you the option to show it at your loved one's funeral, or as a lasting tribute to celebrate their life.

Premium inclusions such as interviews, voiceovers also available for our business, charity or organisational clients.

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Our team is committed to ensuring your loved one's memory lives on forever by providing a framed A3 newspaper page containing a copy of the obituary as a keepsake, to cherish your loved one's memory.



premium obituary title

Please note that this service is for commemorative tribute services. If you would like to book a death or funeral notice you can do so online via or by calling 13 11 35.