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31/01/1922 - 24/06/2022

Born 31 January 1922

Passed 24 June 2022

She gave us one hundred years of smiling and vibrant engagement, courageous determination that inspired others, and loyal, caring love!

Dorothy had a heart of gold. She had a loving warmth that was thoughtful and caring towards others.

I myself once asked her, "Mum, how is it you can get on so quickly with other people, even total strangers?"
She replied, "Son, it's because I treat other people like they matter."
Yes, she had a heart of gold!

But she could also have a will of iron and would not let anything stand in the way of her attaining her goals.

She was fiercely loyal to her only son, Enzo.

A qualified Dressmaker and Designer, Dorothy had a keen eye for fashion and style and was quite the fashionista. She would make her own clothes, adding her own creative touches to make them unique. She designed and made her own wedding dress. Even in her nineties, she dressed immaculately.

Despite the loss of one leg late in life and being wheelchair bound, she maintained a "just get on with things" attitude.

In her younger years, she was keen on Physical Culture (as they called it then) and, even past her 100th birthday, she attended gym twice a week.

Dorothy was a Believer. Although not a regular churchgoer, she'd pray every day for her friends and for her family.

Dorothy was a Mother, a Dressmaker & Designer, Seller of Ladies Fashion, Aircraft Mechanic, Business Owner, Records Manager, Computer Systems Manager, Fashionista and finally a Menswear Store Manager.

She had a go at many new activities: Art, Piano, Singing, learning Italian. Learned to drive a car at 65. Trained to become a glider pilot at 67!

Those fortunate to have met the stylish, graceful and warm-hearted person who was Dorothy, celebrated her life at the Rose Chapel, Macquarie Park Cemetery, North Ryde, on Monday 11th June 2022. Thanks go to Salvos Funerals and their Celebrant, Colonel Geanette Seymour, for helping make the Service such a fitting tribute and celebration of her life.

For any further queries, contact her Son.

So, what were the most outstanding attributes of Dorothy?
The following quotations, from those who knew her, will tell the story!


That Spark!

I remember Dorothy as a warm, loving person with a wonderful smile. She would always light a room wherever she went, a person of great spirit and character. She will never be forgotten!

Her vibrant and engaging manner, with a natural inclination to take an interest in people. She always had a smile.

Whenever I spoke to her on the phone, she was alert, charming and interested in me.

"She always greeted you as if you were the most important person in the world. When she asked 'How Are You', it wasn't the perfunctory greeting as most people give; she really meant it. She was always genuinely happy to see you."

I liked talking to her. She always remembered me and was interested in me and in knowing what I was doing. She was a very nice person.
- Tim

How lucid she was. She was good at at engaging in conversation and in carrying the conversation. She was terrific to talk to.

Dorothy was young at heart; definitely NOT an "old lady". She could talk to anyone about anything.

Just a lovely lady. She was down to earth in a very pleasant way. She was very much possessed of of a joie de vivre and was very alert. Not at all like a typical 100 year old!

She was always positive and happy. Always in good spirits. Never a bad day.

Dorothy made the room light up with her presence. She was warm and lovable. A kind and thoughtful, caring person. She had a great sense of humour, always up for a laugh and telling a story.

What I found most memorable about Dorothy was her personality. She was very funny and cracked me up. It's hard to believe she's now gone.
- Craig

She was very sweet. I loved how bubbly she was all the time. She was consistently happy.

She was very lucid. And very happy. She always spoke very well.

She had a great voice on the phone. Not weak; she was forthright.

She was very vital on the phone, when I spoke with her. She had an ENERGY about her.

She is happy, beautiful and strong. I loved her strength. She is a fighter to the end, with a "nothing is ever going to beat me" attitude. She is inspirational. An amazing person!

It was her zest for life. She wasn't going to let anything beat her. He smile and her enthusiasm inspired the rest of us.

In all my life, I've not met a person more spirited in the face of adversity.
- Fernando

"Dorothy smiled through every repetition of exercise, no matter how tough it was. She never gave up, she never complained, she celebrated what her body was capable of doing. She was undoubtedly the most inspiring client I'd ever worked with my 30+ years in health and fitness, and I know there'll never be another like her."

"I will always remember Dorothy as a graceful, classy lady, full of life and love to give. She never gave up hope. Dorothy would always put on her best smile, no matter what."
- Martha

For me it was her stylish appearance; that she was always thankful for whatever she received; and, most of all, the kindness and generosity of spirit towards everyone she met.

I first met Dorothy about 30 years ago and was immediately taken by Dorothy’s genuine warmth and ready smile. I met her again, in October last year, and I was amazed how well she looked and how well presented she was at 99 – just immaculate!

"She had impeccable taste for clothing and fashion even in her nineties. Anyone else wouldn't worry about details but Dorothy wanted exactly the ash grey gaberdine trousers matched to her pale pink sweater.
What a zest for life she had, even though having only one leg and being in a wheelchair!
There's a saying 'I cried because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no legs.'
Thanks, Dorothy! I learned through you that every day is a blessing."

"Dorothy appeared that evening with a most beautiful, peach coloured perm, beautifully groomed and wearing white gloves, which was a sign of her generation. She still had eyes that sparkled, a razor sharp wit and a memory like a computer chip. Ask her any question, even going back 80 plus years, and we received an immediate answer with no time required to think about it.
"I asked Dorothy what she thought was the secret to a long life. Dorothy’s reply was always the same: Not to let problems and worries spoil your life. That was her constant response."

Dorothy’s love was expressed in so many ways, whether a simple smile,
giving us cards, or just a simple “hello dear” or holding someone's hand.
We need to remember this, as, if I know Dorothy,
she would not want us to remember her with tears,
but rather with loving memories.
Finally, to a remarkable, beautiful, graceful hard working woman -
I now know heaven is a beautiful place because they have now got you!

Cammeray 2062

Date listed: 7/7/2022

Publications: The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph