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Nancy Mary Middleton

03.05.1926 - 31.01.2020

Fair daughter of Roseneath, we conquered that bewilderment
Twixt Life and Death; We are together, now.
Once more I'll look into your eyes and hold your hand,
With dreams and songs and flowers guaranteed.
You were a champion, my Nancy-Nee;
What's thrust upon a Country Policeman's wife
Is odd and varied – unexpected;
You tackled gamely – the peculiar and mundane.
Denise and Denis, before they issued through
The gate, were deftly scrubbed and polished, and
I Excelled in starch-and-ironing in my Police attire.
House-clothes conferred on you a sporty glamour;
You failed, abysmally, to replicate
Insipid, wifely image of the Rinso ads;
When you were on-my-arm, sweet, clever girl,
I was the tallest bloke in every room we entered.
Is it possible my brashness may have
Partially obscured your unpretentious brilliance?
Did I drown your sweet, true melodies
With my stupendous tenor?
From earthbound friends and family who grieve
I seek forbearance – and declare: It is absurdly,
Absolutely glorious – and bloody marvellous
That you are here, with me, my darling Nee –
And we are now complete.

Hugh Templeton Middleton, 23.10.1923 - 20.07.2018
Amanuensis: Janet Elena Marchetti


Date listed: 6/2/2020

Publication: Warwick Daily News