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Allan Lambert - Husband to Robyn, father to Kai, Daisy, Kate and Jess.

My beautiful sweet man passed away holding my hand on 7th May. My heart is aching, I miss you so much. I feel so grateful to have had a man like you in my life. You are the most caring, attentive, understanding, calm and sweet person whose love I felt every single day. I adore you and will always love you. We will meet again in the universe and travel it together. I look forward to your sweet embrace and to be with you again.

Your heartbroken soul mate, Bobby

Dad, I know you'll guide me in the right direction even though you're gone. I really miss you and need you here. The only comfort I feel right now is knowing your pain is gone. I love you so much Dad. Kai

I really miss you Daddy and wish you were here today. You always cheered me up or made funny faces when I was sad. You are the best Dad ever. I love you Dad. Daisy

Much loved grandfather of Layla, Alejandra and Catalina. Thank you for showing and giving so much love to mum and thank you being so supportive and understanding to me over the years. Love you, Kate

Much loved step dad, you were kind, patient, intelligent and a very dorky stepdad who made me laugh and showed me unconditional love. Thank you for loving mum and for being an amazing grandad to Max and Harvey. Will miss you. Love you, Jess


Date listed: 14/5/2022

Publication: Geelong Advertiser