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KAY, Douglas

06/08/1962 - 18/04/2022

The greatest man I have ever known.

Since you passed our phones has been filled full of calls crying your name - they are calling for you, not us. They are in so much pain as equal as your family.

You were larger than life with a heart of gold. Your kindness and signature humour was as precious as the connection you made with people. Our hearts are broken.

We knew you were never going to live forever, you were too good for this world, but this is far too soon.

You were born like anyone and given a name, but at 18 years old you knew you wanted to be your own man and changed it. Like a singer picks a new identity before they seek fame, you decided to be 'Doug Kay'. You knew who you were and who you wanted to be. There was not one person in your huge network who didn't love you, whether you knew them for a moment or your lifetime.

A born entertainer, you could've been in Hollywood but instead you were A-List in the West. You channeled your creativity in to electrifying auctions. Loud and engaging, you were mesmerising and people would follow you from street to street. These moments were your defining moments in your life. It was our favourite place to be with you and we'd sacrifice every Saturday for the rest of my life if we knew you would be there. We'll still be there dad, but only to carry your legacy. We we'll make you proud.

As a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a friend and an auctioneer - you were brilliant, loving and selfless. We are so lucky to have had you and to have known you.

You did enough Dad, we didn't need anything from you anymore. Just your smile, your jokes and your constant daily phones calls. We will miss it you so much.

Love your family. Rosemary, Adrian, Bianca & Peter.


Date listed: 23/4/2022

Publication: Herald Sun

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