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Beverly Dallas Westcott

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Beverly Dallas Westcott

Born 3rd Oct 1930 and peacefully passed away on 20th June 2020 Beve was not only my sister but was a wonderful friend and true blue mate. Like any other species in this world we are born, we live and we die. We have no say when we are born and very little how we die but it is the in between of living that makes our life.

Beve spent her life helping and caring for others. I was so proud to be her brother.The only time I ever saw her upset was when racism and bigotry raised their ugly heads. She was not religious and if she saw anyone needing help she was first cab off the rank.She did not pray for some mythical god to come and right the matter but just offered her help to those in trouble with no thought of race, creed or colour.

She was a great traveller and went all over the world where she made true friends who have kept in contact over all these years. She had wonderful neighbours and friends from her nursing days who all spoke highly of her and will miss her but that is life.

I have been inundated with calls concerning her health from friends all over Australia and the world. She was a very special person. She was working in Sydney for the Far West Scheme, work she really loved. Her mother became ill and without thought to her work she resigned and came home to care for her mum.When my darling wife Joy got alzheimers if it wasn’t for Bev I don’t know how I would have coped. I didn’t have to ask her for help, she was just there. She was the centre of our family and adored by all her relatives and especially the young children.

She did not need a cathedral or statue to mark her passing but will be remembered and mourned by a lot of people who benefited from her care. When she knew she was near the end, as with it she made no fuss but just accepted her time had come. I was incapable of tending to her needs but her friends and relatives flocked to her side. I especially want to thank Judy,Tanya, Kim,Wendy & Brea for the loving attention they gave to her and myself.

I also wish to praise the wonderful care and attention she received from the staff at the Royal Hobart Hospital and later at the Gibson Ward of St John’s Hospital.They were magnificent and went over and above their duties to ease her passing. Beve’s passing is an act of nature but a special spirit will be missing from this word. Her help and kindness will be missed by so many. Mum and Dad would have been so proud of her and the image she left.I was so proud to have a sister who was such a wonderful friend and true blue mate.

Farewell Blossom you certainly made your mark in this world and I was so proud to be your brother - PETER


Date listed: 23/6/2020

Publication: The Mercury