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URBANIAK, Halina nee Anikeew

22 . 12 . 1926 — 11 . 7 . 2021
First Posthumous Anniversary


Forlorn in mourning

Succumbs, to insipid torpid mornings.

Desolate entwined lament

Awakens weary, to dreary dawnings.

Rifts betwixt break of light

Jousts with cumbrous lethargic night.

Overt woe, beleaguered and morose.

Vacillates to moods,

Faceted, surly gruff and sullen.

Nonchalant aplomb

Inert, waffly and vague.

Loftiness of confidence

Timidly refrained.

Aspirations, depleted and waived.

Hours fritter; in labyrinth’s illusory maze.

Tardy days; tarry, hover and reel,

Within a cavernous, vacuous vac.

Compatriot optimism

Inhibited, in negative’s sniping tenet.

Decisiveness of overtures,

Laggardly slow and wayward,

Conflates and bends, to pessimist cohort

Buffeting a capitulate breach.

Rationale, in diminished retreat,

Treadmills heedless, futile and vain.

Yoked mopishly veined,

Clouded, comatose and alien.

Enfeeble vigor in spasmodic malaise,

Teeters precarious; tramping on rickety ground.

Itinerant forays

Amble in lassitude confusion.

Sorrow’s disorient disarray,

Flounders askew; abjectly swathed,

In fog’s blind suffusion.

Irritant imposts, spar and chafe.

Nettle afflictions, benumb and ache.

Rising emotions pilloried with fire.

Nervous disposition, igneous and dire

Blight of pain,

Spikes and grates; scours and rake,

Pincing dour bereavement eyes.

Bulbous tears roll sombre grieved.

Cascading deluge, in rivulets weep.

Instantly fervent,

As reverie cycles frequently flit.

At ascending memoirs,

Devoutly tomed.

To Halina’s epic, preceding years.


Glazing sunshine

Melds into swart decline.

Harrowing skies

Foster brazen, billowing clouds.

Umbra’s fleeting shadows,

Dart haphazard.

Evoking tempestuous, rampant rile.

Conflux, spilling with rancour.

Vexation, erupting rebellious,

Chides, fiery and wild.

Hallowed Sorrow.

Doleful Sadness.

Deference Sermon.

Salutary Servant.

Melancholy tenured;

To a gloomy void.

Sanctity’s disconsolate enclave.

Stands emphatically cloistered;

Lodged in cacophonous silence.

Tribulation’s obeisance journey,

Woefully bereft.

The diverge,

Solitary and binding.

Devotee stultified,

Wane and tiring.


Nostalgia, abides enthroned in cogent memory,

Glides parallel, since nascent codex

To present transit.

Trumpeting illustrious fanfare,

Lauding Halina's maternal function with radiant praises.

Through bygone windows

Tethered memories,

Ledgers of arcane fold.

Chime venerate legacies,

Emblazoned with temporal praises,

Co - endeared, Halina’s valorous heritage.

Pedestaled in my reminisced pavilion,

Enshrined in zenith’s heroine, heroic dome.

Wreathed with garland laurel, gallant lace.

Colonnades stringing, in streaming frond.

Resplendent fineries, majestically crafted.

Spired imperial; vertexet, to diadem form.

Her renascent history, niched distinguished.

I rekindle, solitude archives.

Embedded deep, in alcove libraries.

Vaults of my empiric conscious;

Embellishments, since early lore.

Ethereal echoes; vibrant troves.

Dwelling eminent; in recent and distant yore.

Reflections, recollections.

Canopied since nascent bedrock.

Peel cynosures of alluring flurries.

Exaltations; towering to edifying heights.

Of depressive lows and lulls;

And passive maudlin interims.

Flooding extracts of illustrious cameos,

Extol solace snippets.

Cherry blossom vignettes.

Inscribed insignia’s of virtue excellence.

A mother’s ode; stately magnificent.

Augment parallel comparisons.

Similitude to morn’s arising nucleus:

Armorial’s aureate rosette.

Sun’s flaming, aurora rose.

Memories, repatriating old contoured boulevards.

Chasms, niched with spry teeming groves.

Montage bounties,

Replete with carnivals, troupe, swarming bevies,

Long standing, annual pageantries

Glee of Royal Adelaide, revelry shows.

Of Halina’s solemn attendance;

Observance call; legions drawn.

Honour ceremony, on Anzac dawns.

Robust veterans, spruce adorned.

Marshalled to pennant standards;

Panoply colours, their serviced, Regiment Corps.

Their pride in stride; hints limp in gait.

Verve parade, strode league of old; bold as bold.

Salute and honour to gallant brave.

Their sacrifice and bonds to uniform.

An amalgamate milieu,

Of floral walks, botanic promenades.

Cobbled haunts, elysian insights.

Alveary of galleries, mosaic ceramics.

Frescoes, alfresco, statuesque figurines.

Stalwart visuals, summit vistas.

Every compass, splendour’s flourish.

Scenic, wondrous, empyrean azures.

Unfurled before Halina, all in awe.

How amazed? Halina’s face?

At Gagarin’s aerospace.

Armstrong’s historic, epic moon walk.

The disbelief and denial of realisation.

Tragic headlines of JFK, His shocking demise.

Remained a topical palaver, over linear years.

The abominable horrors, downing Twin Towers.

Scarred hearts of regret,

bearing pain and sorrow.

Of two shattering days.

Loss of propinquity kin.

Her treasured, dear mother; estranged by war.

The loss of husband,

Plagued her remaining years.

Of Halina’s, impromptu acquaintances.

Apprised, a governor, two formidable premiers,

And three fabulous, Adelaide Lord Mayors,

A break in pace, opportuned a space in protocol,

Chanced a meet, with Royal Majesty, Elizabeth Queen.

A snapshot with Pele; disappointment indignant.

Shredded film reel, failed to print.

Grange, Henley, Semaphore esplanades,

Summer trams, vestige prints; scalloped Glenelg’s,

Leisured sands and joining foreshores.

Halina’s gifted longevity, parcelled a portion of two centuries.

A kaleidoscope spectrum, immersed; transcended.

An odyssey, her course and venture.

Broad with discern and perspective,

Humility pursed and braid; cosseted life’s image, before her

Cognisant, empathised, hazel sheen eyes.

Retracing arras, the ‘curate creed’ of mother’s vast tapestry.

Woven adroit, in altruistic interpretive fabric.

Her dynamo script; conscript to ‘Au Fait’,

Mode of work, ‘of selfless sacrifice’.

Memories of her euphonic whispers, lisping mellifluous,

Mellow and lyrical.

A consoling voice, melodious in tone.

Captions revived from sagacious discourse,

Recessed nigh recent, remote distant,

Confabulate saturnian joy.

Of the spontaneous reveries,

Liberating retinues of idyllic charms

And auspicious chimera spectrals.

Beguiling effigies; levitating spectrums

Shimmering sojourned,

Above photo print images.

Liturgical homage

Blessed her meritorious; Touch of gilded lustre

Arrayed with aesthetic pink flushes.

Pert, envious rubicund blushes.

Her DNA’s natural concept, cosmetic beauticians.

Nature’s sartorial festoon chaperones

Complementarians of supple character investiture.

Tinctured Halina’s aromatic,

Myrtle effervescence.

These salient portrayals.

Purlieus to Halina’s,

Acme, heady years.

The ultimate most enduring memory.

The calamitous distressing nightmare.

Concatenate loss of doting mother!

Her sundered breath, her finite reft.

Her relinquished furlough castle.

Devoted, allodial sovereign home.

Vale echoes,

Of hesperian rendezvous.

Choired in chorus, dolorous renditions.

Bewail and dirge, prelude valedictions

Exaltation steeped in commemoration.

Farewelled a wondrous circean marvel.

Her iconic prolific life,

And ascending contiguous memory.

The void of voice; void of omnipresence.

The harangue of vacuum emptiness.

The appease, to shrill of silence.

Disembogue this all combining;

Calamitous, stark and crushing.

This ashen grief; tumult foreboding.

At mortal’s frail, invasive circumstance.

Tremors courted; skewed taut wiry tendons.

The quivered fragmented hand,

Contracting, a precarious empowering pen;

Sanctioning final preparations;

For earth’s most solemn tragic journey,

Enroute to consecrate, saturnine precinct.

Mute numbness, tenuous grief.

Spinal shudders, assailed and baulked,

A tactile hand, touching recumbent precious reliquary.

Funeral's cortege wake,

Toe to heel, lurched and stumbled

Scuffed and stifled, shuffle yielding feet.

Faced afoot, eternity’s glaring edict.

Merciless pitch, of infinite finality!

Buttressed rearguard

Looming ghosts, citing bereft despondency.

Halina’s Laurel Trail

Stellarly framed in repository repertoires,

Her life’s entirety, indulgently devoted to altruistic self-sacrifice.

Copiously tendered to maternal tasks; domestic’s and vigils.

And spells of dual employment jobs.

Encompassed with assiduous deeds;

Arduous, and stringent, her routine exhausted in toil.

Genteel, most gracious, amicably endowed.

Empathy free flowing, leveraged impartial, equitable to all.

To family cognate an imposing beacon.

Column of strength.Unwavering resolve.

Decisively steadfast, victuals provided,

Provisions galore.

While vicinage folk and mutual friend.

Became genial recipients

Of her volunteered time,

And gregarious generosity.

Her charity, buoyantly clarioned,

Haughty and fair,

Spirited with mirth and flair.

Compassion abundant; maxim held motto, noble the cause.

Franchised with pamper, quota unlimited and spare.

Prowess with resources, energised to commitment.

Compliments praiseworthy, commentaries accredited.

Lady of kudos

Meritoriously adored.

Valiant endeavours; heart laced efforts, fulfilled with care.

Sunday’s Creme De La Creme

Legendary gourmet chef;

Maestro and refection hostess.

Tabling copious offerings

Of roast platter salads, sidled with sizzles.

Additions of spice ladled trimmings.

Garnishes and herbs,

Menu fancies and surprise pleasantries.

Rounded with insatiable gems.

Sweet zest, palate cravings.

Affably generous.

Sunday’s specialty,

Sate, ambrosial dip-spoils.

Serenely latticed, poise of elegance.

Innate accoutrements

Suffused ornate in perspective symmetry.

And by artistry’s Chef-d’oeuvre

Mastery’s brush.

Courtly enchanted plume juvenescence.

Scrolls, annuals and corpus chapters.

Reams of reaping pages;

Highlighting reservoirs of inscriptive narratives.

Wistful troves,

Emerging from Halina’s portal reminiscence.

Through gossamer sheen spheres.

Betwixt my welling tides,

Of draining lackrymose.

Prescient glimpses,

Capture symbolic mystic traits.

Wraiths of ephemeral portraits.

Featuring Halina’s

Pellucid lissom face.

Gleaming peerless.

In jewel luminescence.


How stark! This calamitous bane?

This crescendo venting silence.

This crushing vice, whirling torment.

Motion and emotion rigidly statuesque.

Volition’s mnemonic; feckless and eerie.

I, affliction, emotively, glacially frozen.

This nefarious void!

A solemnized catastrophe!

Vacant with absenteeism!

Loss of Halina’s prim-rose vivacity,

And non omnipresence!

Despondently inflamed.

Harsh reality, by eclipsing wilt, succumbs.

I, vassal of despair, a reluctant disclaimer.

Stand compelled, to appease vicissitude.

Accept submission; surreal the surrender,

To evolution’s arc of, ‘In Extremis’.

Life’s inequitable reaper,

Foreclose its darkest curtain,

And charter mortal’s final chapter,

Terminal sentence.

Immersed in spiralling shock,

And fathom’s eddying currents.

Languid life, traipse bedimmed.

Undefined; drifts aimless onward.

Reaping the harangue,

Of a cataclysmic storm.

Kindred’s mortal loss

Life’s poignant burden.

Schism’s heart wrought,

Severed ties.

More rueful, slumps

Beleaguered person.

Inherent soulful bonds,

Reinforced by vicarious grasp.

The induction,

By psyche’s, mettle strength.

Bonds and binds more ardent.

By affirming voice,

My in-depth debt, lasting gratitude, beholden.

Embarks entreat of oath,

As pilgrim’s ode and prayer.

With Pious Psalm; Choral song.

Continues my loyal pledge

Of spiritual pining.

An intrepid matriarch.

With august strength.

Eclipsed precipitous aspects,

Until end of breath.

Prevailed in triumphant triumph.

So continues

My devout, wistful yearning.

Flame of heart, to kin of heart.

Love beyond eternity.

R. U.


Date listed: 9/7/2022

Publication: The Advertiser

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