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TORTI, Rome John Mario

Date listed: 24/8/2019

Born Mid-day Moree, N.S.W.

1st JUNE, 1982

Beloved of the Gold Coast Qld.

It has been Five Lonely Years since you slipped away As a gentle fall of rain, was heard at Dawn on the 22ND AUGUST, 2014

The Courage of a Tiger, the Heart of a Lion, A Love For Life Saw YOU Fight with unsurprising Bravery the Deadly Brain Tumour. You were given Two Months, You were with us for Five Years.

We know you watch over us, but we miss your cheeky smile, the Beautiful aqua eyes, crinkling always at the Corner. You had the biggest SMILE. The many and varied facial, and head hair styles. The most infectious LAUGH.

You were liked by Hundreds, respected by Thousands, Loved By a Breathtaking number of People which showed at your Funeral. 900 plus. When did you have the time?

You had much, much more “to do.”

You had already excelled in all Sports, especially Basketball with the Gold Coast, and Qld, and the “serious” games with other High Schools. Cheers! Nerang High and Mudgeeraba State.

Your Son, your Miracle Ryder, now nine and a half grows tall and strong in your image so unbelievably like you in so many ways. He’s well Loved, importantly liked, and Very well Looked After! Loves Basketball, Skateboarding, Baseball. Swims like a fish Runs like the wind.


You Managed to fit a Birth, a Marriage to Your Beloved, and many Photos, sent all over the World. Even to preparing your Book…..


Due to the tireless Help of Jake, Trent and the Amazing Skateboard Army Released four months after You Went Away It was as You Wanted It!………… ROCKET MAN

We think You were a Bright Shining Star, showing us the Way A SOUL IN WAITING

We Know You will be there to greet us, when We go to where you have gone, along with your Grannie, Grand-dad, Nan, Nonna, Nonno. Your Sisters Grace and Pieta, your Uncle David.

Your Friend Shane will be waiting with a big hug. Your Labradors, cats, fish Also Friends that have gone before. They will be with You. Your “Skateboard” resounds in our ears. We feel the kiss on our cheeks You feel the tears on our faces as well. We Love You Always and Endless


Publications: The Courier-Mail, The Gold Coast Bulletin

Brisbane 4000