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Thompson Tribute

Date listed: 21/9/2019

Shane Keith (Buar) Thompson ~ 1969 - 2004 & Keith (Butch) Thompson ~ 1943 - 2018

A father and son,

With love in their hearts,

Together at last,

Now the fun starts,

There shows the way,

To the happiness found,

In God’s heavenly kingdom,

Stable and sound.

Butch is amazed at the calmess there has,

Have you forgotten how the old life was,

"You mean the tricks we played on folks",

Well Dad, I still do them,

The family and friends know its me with the jokes,

I shut doors in the night and play with the light,

I’ll show you Dad, you can do lots from up here,

Now, I think its time we both had a beer,

It’s calm in the heavens,

With God by their side,

We know when you are near,

And we all love and miss you year after year.


From your loving wife and mum, Adam, Troy, Jason, Trish, Kelly, Hannah and families.

Publication: Townsville Bulletin

Townsville 4810