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STEENE, Kirsty Jane

Date listed: 30/6/2020

STEENE, Kirsty Jane

In Loving Memory of our Darling Daughter who passed away on the 30th June 1980, aged 4 years 4 months

"With tears we saw her sinking,

We watched her fade away,

Our hearts were almost broken,

She fought so hard to stay,

We shared a lot of happy times,

A few sad ones too,

But no one can share the heartache,

The day we lost you.

But when we saw her sleeping there,

Peacefully free from pain,

We could not wish her back To suffer so much again To those who have a daughter,

Love her while you may,

For we wish with all our hearts,

That we had our daughter here today."

Inserted by her loving parents, Frank and Christine.

Publication: The Cairns Post

Cairns 4870