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Date listed: 23/2/2021

16/12/1964 - 14/01/2021

A wife, a mother, a sister, an auntie and a best mate too,
You left a wonderful legacy my sis.
You not only taught us to love but also to fight, shared your strengths, weaknesses, anger and devotion. Always 110% you.
A more stronger person would be hard to find, in your heart, you were tough but kind and loyal.
You fought every step along the way, for you, for Wayne, for the kids, for us all in one way or another,
You were not just my sister but also my best mate and a pain in the butt. You were unapologetically you, every person in your life you gave your heart and your best,
Honest, abrupt, loud and colourful, there was no-one quite like you.
Struggling for so long with that damn illness, the time came for you to pass into the arms of those already there and waiting on the other side for you.
Go in peace, my little sister, you’ve earned your rest after such a long battle.
You'll be deeply missed, but will live on in our hearts and cherished memories. I'll especially miss your quick wit, your even quicker temper, your wicked laugh and your unique dress sense. Long live the purple reign in our hearts and minds, and all that we do. Next shout of scotch is on you!
Sleep sweet, my sister, you deserve it....but give em hell too when you get the chance ok xx
Love you Doorz xx


Dandenong North 3175

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