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MILLS, Dr Kathleen

06/04/1936 - 24/04/2022

The Kungarakan Culture and Education Association Committee and its Members express our deepest sadness for the passing of Mooradoop Aunty Kath Mills, nee McGinness. We send our heartfelt condolences to each of her surviving children whom she loved most dearly, June, David, Alison, Barbara, Robert, Weslyn, Mondo and Violet and to their children, her grannies. Her loss will be felt by many Kungarakan she was our Kurrung (mother) when ours had departed and Wetjey (Nanna) to all of our children and our Ulmeyook that is to say our wise and stoical Elder. She was our Diplomat and Advocate championing our cause to her very last breath. She meant a great deal to a great many people, yet her loss to Kungarakan has left a gaping hole in the fabric of our universe. Stoical and righteous, kind and endearing, just and humane all echo her legacy, A creative wordsmith and lyricists, a published author and an intellect of great standing. Now our library of knowledge has fallen quiet once more in her absence the tomes of knowledge are carefully recorded and safely kept. Her achievements are many, to those who knew her well, yet we shout to the world that she fought tooth and nail for much of those things we now have. A founding member of the Foundation of Rehabilitation with Aboriginal Alcohol Related Difficulties, a founding member of Danila Dilba Health Service and she quietly achieved better access to education to see Kormilda College established and in the ground swell of First Nation community inspired vision, championed the establishment of what we now know to be, Batchelor Institute. She served the community tirelessly where she could, people from all walks of life came to know her for her deeds, her promises kept, her endurance and her stoical commitment. Now she joins the Ancestors another kimagootji to shine light upon our troubled nights. Rest with the Ancestors in peace dear Kurrung, Wetjey, Ulmeyook your work is complete.

Darwin 0820

Date listed: 7/5/2022

Publication: NT News

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