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Kevin Robert Bubner

Date listed: 21/9/2019

It’s been a tough year since I saw you last, right before my eyes I held you as you passed. You’d think I’d have a lot to say, but all I do is cry each day. It is still so hard to believe, but we know it was your time to leave. You battled and battled and never gave up, you gave and you gave and you helped us set up. Our future, our lives, our kids and their dreams, it’d be much harder, without you, it seems.

In the days leading up to saying goodbye, we discussed your health dad, and where you would die. I’m happy with the choice you made, but more so, with the tributes laid. And as you know, and now others do too, I was only writing these for you. You asked me to when Judi passed, with this one to be the very last.

Always In Our Thoughts

Lyndon, Laura, Lorelei, Lleyton & Lloyd, Livinia & Leila and Lacey.

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