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HANN, Nicholas Michael

01/09/2004 - 27/07/2021

My beautiful boy.

It has been a year.

A year since I have heard your voice.

A year since I have seen your cheeky grin.

A year since I have heard you talk about your future and debrief your day.

A year since Blade

and I have jumped

on you and wrestled.

A year since we have looked at the stars together.

A year of sorrow, reflection, memories of love and shenanigans.

Not an hour goes past when I do not think of you and the amazing person you are.

So many people miss you bud.

Blade still looks for

you which breaks my heart.

We had such an amazing

bond and life together.

My life is so different now.

Until we meet again

my Nicky.

All your life I loved you,

And for the rest of my

life I will miss you!

Mum (aka Darling)


Nairne 5252

Date listed: 27/7/2022

Publication: The Advertiser

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