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Aged 79 years.

Passed away on the 25.03.2017,

Buried at Euroa Cemetery 31.03.2017.


It’s 3 years and 3 months since you left this space,

Yet only 47 days when we got a surprised look on our face,

As dawn had just broken on your final resting place.


We now know you were Buried discreetly,

without your friends,

family and associates able to say goodbye,

Or review your resting space with a proper view from their eye.


The opportunity to see and work on the dreams and plans across our family's lives was never taken,

Instead your chosen course was to remain forsaken.

Whilst it was never going to be an easy journey in your later years,

It was clear there would be no more tears,

but certainly would be beers.

The formative years and the memories you set,

will be remembered without regret.

Our goodbyes were never done,

as you remained contained and focussed on one.

Our lives will go on,

united we stand.

Brothers banded forever as one,

very focussed on our Mum under any rising sun.


- Lindsay, Darren, Rohan, Dene and Jamie Fitzgerald, and families.

Melbourne 3000

Date listed: 4/7/2020

Publication: Herald Sun