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Dean Adley Knack

In loving memory of our Deano

Dean Adley Knack

Lost to us 17/12/2004

Christmas is approaching – you loved this time of year

The bells don’t seem to jingle now like they did when you were here

The happy Christmas memories that we shared over the years

Have been replaced with missing you and wishing you were near.

The love and joy you gave to us left footprints in our hearts and an empty void that can’t be filled now that we are apart.

We yearn for you, as time goes by, as we did the day you passed – the longing for more precious time.

We lost you way too fast. You had a life so long to live, so many dreams to share.

That you are gone from us forever fills us with despair.

Our lives were changed eternally on that December night.

The grief that overwhelms us is more than we can fight.

So we will always honour you and speak your name with pride.

We will cherish, love and hold you close till we meet on the other side.

We love you Deano, all the diamonds in the sky.

Your loving family

Sunshine Coast 4560

Date listed: 17/12/2020

Publication: The Courier-Mail