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CHARLTON, Paul (Charlie)


6 years have passed since you left us.

Only child of

Alec and Dulcie.

Sadly his dad Ex RAN passed on the 24.01.2019.

Father and Son are in God's Care.

There are always smiles before us, Smiles we will remember.

A father and son in a picture. Worth more than silver and gold, Their memory will never get old.

As Paul would say, we have finished life chores assigned to dad and me. So bring along some fishing poles, we have been invited to the fishing hole. You will miss us for a while, but that wont be long, you will see.

'Til we're together, Dad you and Me. Both are loved and remembered by Mother, Wife Kerrie. Daughter Louise and Grandchildren Cody and Riley.

Brisbane 4000

Date listed: 11/5/2022

Publication: The Courier-Mail

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