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Deceased 8th December, 2020 I wish to express my sincere thanks to all who contacted me after the tragic death of my husband John. Especially two very dear friends who gave comfort to us both over a number of years. It has been sad time but also I have been given cause to laugh. A must.

There have been others who deserve mention such as Phillip Stephens Funeral Director smoothing my path in acknowledgement of the Holy Season. The Staff at Masonic Care Home from receptionists onwards who could not have been more helpful. I’m extremely grateful to Paul who ever busy was never too busy to give help when I was desperate. Also the unseen local people when delivering goods graciously gifted flowers.

To all of you at Salamanca Fresh you brought comfort too. Lastly but not least more of those unseen companions Hobart FM Radio, staffed by friendly volunteers who not only entertain by playing music on request but are a mine of background info. Night and day they are the ones I know because I hear.

Thank you so much. You are pretty wonderful. Just keep pressing the buttons! Now amidst all the worldly chaos permit me to wish everyone a Happy 2021 and may God bless us all.


Hobart 7000

Date listed: 30/1/2021

Publication: The Mercury