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Brett Anthony Courtney

Date listed: 19/10/2020

In loving memory of our Son

Brett Anthony Courtney

(Affectionately known as B.C)

13.02.1969 to 18.10.2002


The month of October is one of regret

It brings back the day we lost our Brett

Gone is the face we loved so dear

Silent is the voice we loved to hear


Dearer to us than words can tell

Was the son we lost and loved so well

With aching hearts and tears unseen

Wishing your absence was only a dream


We laugh, we cry we play our part

But behind it all lies our broken heart

Others have lost like us we know

But you were ours and we loved you so


Loved and remembered forever and a day

Mum & Dad

Publication: Townsville Bulletin

Townsville 4810