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Dear Mum

Date listed: 22/2/2019

Dear Mum,

Today is 6 years since you are no longer with us and the pain is still the same now the only difference is I know you are in a better place where no one can hurt you or cause you anymore pain.

You left with a heavy heart and pain in your eyes for what they did to you but don’t worry one day they will realise what they did and KARMA is just around the corner.

Your kolivo(memorial service) is being arranged in Kalymnos right now and it will be done every year like you wanted. Also your monument will soon be ready and this time no one can take it from you as there will be no room for anyone else except you and dad.

Always remember mum god gave me the best mum and those are very rare and I was blessed and honoured to have you.

Loved and remembered always I koroula sou Ourania, Mihali, Pantelis, kalliopi, John Maglis and grandchildren.

Publication: NT News