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Why you should write your Will today

Thu 29th Jul 2021

Why You Need A Will

In the event of your passing, if you don't have a Will, your assets will be distributed in accordance with State Laws.  A will is a legal document that clearly states how you want your assets to be distributed, who is going to take care of your children - even look after your pets. It provides peace of mind knowing your affairs will be taken care of in the event of your death. This is something that all Australian crucially need, but often takes up less consideration than where you'll buy your morning coffee.   

Help alleviate further stress to your family by taking control of your life with a Will which allows you to:    

Nominate guardians for your children & gift your pets to a trusted person

Instead of leaving it up to the law, which could mean your children or pets go to the wrong people. This is your opportunity to secure a safe and comfortable home for your little loved ones. 

Your Will is important for determining who will take care of minors
Your Will is important for determining who will take care of minors

Decide who are the beneficiaries of your assets and property

In your Will, you can outline specific property, super and assets, and who you would like to be the beneficiaries of these. You might have supported one child through university and want to make sure funds are allocated for your second child to receive the same. You can also take this opportunity to leave your legacy - nominating charities or organisations who you would like to leave a donation to. 

Save your loved ones time, stress and money

In the event of your death, your nearest and dearest will be experiencing profound grief. Leaving a Will provides some certainty and direction for your loved ones in a difficult time avoiding uncomfortable family situations and ensures any legal proceedings are straightforward.  

Support your family in their grieving
Support your family in their grieving

Meet Phil and Megan. They have been married for 20 years and live amongst the gum trees in North East Melbourne, with their 10 year old daughter.  They both work full time and have settled into a rhythm of life that is comfortable and rewarding. But, like 50% of Australians, Phil and Megan didn't have a Will.   

Phil and Megan from Melbourne, Australia
Phil and Megan from Melbourne, Australia

Writing A Will Is Easy

If you are like Phil and Megan and need a Will, it is easier, quicker and cheaper than you think. At Willed, Australia's leading online Will provider, you don't need an appointment, simply jump online whenever it suits you and be prompted with all the right questions in their simple step by step process. Learn more about Willed's simple process and get started here.

Writing Your Will Can be a Positive Experience

Understandably, writing a Will can be a daunting experience, but by ignoring our own mortality we lose sight of the positive and purposeful experience it can bring. Sam, a Willed customer and a pet parent, said what she really liked about the experience was that after completing her will, there was an option to leave messages and videos for family and friends.  "It is great to know that a loved one is going to receive something really meaningful from me, something they can hold on to and treasure."

Write your Will online today

Traditionally writing a Will meant an expensive trip to the lawyers but now there are great online services, like Willed, who can organise your will and power of attorney for as little as $159. Not only is your will checked by a Wills & Estate Expert and available for instant download, payment isn't required until you are absolutely ready to print and sign. Furthermore, with Willed, if you need to update your beneficiaries, assets (or anything else), you can do this effortlessly through the online platform and re-download, sign and print your updated Will. You can also make unlimited amendments to your Will, free of charge, for 12 months.  

Don't put it off any longer

No matter how simple you think your affairs to be, not having a will could make things harder for your already grieving family. We all have a lot on our plate and want what is best for our family, but is there really any excuse to put it off any longer?   

Phil and Megan decided it was time to secure their daughter's future, and ensure that she would be properly looked after and financially supported in the event of their death. "We needed a simple and efficient solution which wasn't going to cost the earth. We had a recommendation from friends and decided to use" Phil and Megan will sleep soundly tonight knowing that their family, loved ones and assets, are all safely protected.    

Innovations in technology have driven the rise of online Will services such as Willed, reducing a once expensive and time consuming task, down to $159 and 15 minutes.