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The Future of Funerals

Wed 19th May 2021

Everyone deserves to be cherished in both life and in death and how one celebrates the transition has seen significant change over the years. Instead of traditional church services people are moving towards a more personalised touch with sunset cruise send-offs, shooting star memorials - even 3D holograms of our dearly departed. Families want to put the fun in funerals giving their loved ones a send off that is as unique to them as they were in life. With the gradual shift from traditional methods, it poses the question, what will the future of funerals look like? Let's take a look...  

3D Hologram

Companies are going high-tech offering a 3D recording for their clients to be played to loved ones after they pass. Imagine a life-sized hologram of you speaking at your own funeral! Believe it or not this is a growing trend in remembrance and whether this concept feels creepy or fascinating - oddly even both, tech innovators predict innovations like this are inevitable.   

Tombstone Technology

Tombstone technology offers embedded technology (similar to QR Codes) in tombstones allowing media access of the dearly departed. Visitors have an immensely interactive experience when visiting their loved ones by using their smartphone or tablet to download holograms, even partake in virtual reality.  

Shooting Star Memorial

For the space lovers the shooting star memorial might be for you. Companies are offering a service that delivers a symbolic portion of cremated remains into Earth's orbit. After the remains orbit the Earth (this might take months or years) they reenter the earth's atmosphere as a shooting star. Advanced technology allows clients to track the exact location of their loved ones allowing them to look up into the infinite sky and know where they are at all times.  

Lunar Memorial

If earth's orbit isn't quite magical enough for you then the Lunar Memorial might be?! A symbolic portion of remains can be sent all the way to the Moon's lunar surface helping to create a constant reminder in the sparkling night sky of a loved one's final resting place.   

Global Funeral

Having the world in the midst of a pandemic has forced many funerals to adapt and change the way we say goodbye and celebrate a loved one's passing. With technology as advanced as it is today, people connect via many different mediums: phone, sms, video chat, messenger, email and social media. Although these might not seem appropriate for a funeral, today they certainly have their place. Incorporating technology to connect people from all sides of the globe, helps keep funeral celebrations accessible to all. Options include: live streaming the funeral, utilising a digital guest or memorial book, pre-recording tributes and creating a social media tribute page.  

Green Funeral

People are increasingly aware of the impact they have on the earth and this is no different when it comes to burials. Green funerals are on the rise whereby the body of the deceased is placed in a biodegradable coffin or blanket burying them at the shallowest legal depth to allow for natural decomposition. With very minimal markings for a grave it allows plants to flourish.    

As for other environmentally sustainable options, there are methods of liquifying or freeze-drying your loved ones' remains. It is a lot more eco-friendly as opposed to burning and funeral companies are adapting to this increased request.   

Ashes to Ashes

Ashes to ashes dust to ....fireworks! Transform ashes into a beautiful and spectacular fireworks display offering a unique and personal way to commemorate a loved one.  

Transforming your ashes into art is also a growing trend. Ashes can be made into memorable pieces of jewelry or art - some tattoo artists even create unique motifs using a very small amount of cremains into the tattoo ink.   

Ashes can also go global with people scattering loved ones ashes in places that hold significant meaning to the deceased. One mother had her son's ashes taken to more than 100 countries. She looked at her son's urn on her mantelpiece and decided she would much rather him go on a journey to see the world, something he didn't get a chance to do in life.   

The future of funerals will constantly evolve with entrepreneurs tapping into current trends. Whether you're planning your own funeral or a loved ones, people today have the freedom to choose something that reflects the values and beliefs they held in life and gives them the freedom to translate that into death. The future of funerals is the freedom to choose something special to celebrate the uniqueness of you.

By Kirsten Jakubenko