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Why you need to update your Will today

Wed 1st Sep 2021

For most of us, our Will doesn't sit high on our list of priorities - most likely because the thought of our own passing can be confronting, also because we presume we don't have the time. It's important and takes just a few minutes every couple of years to check in and ensure that your Will reflects your current life situation and changes in circumstances.

Remembering our youth, time seemed abundant, in our middle years, life's reflection has become more frequent and the appreciation of time is valued more than ever.

You might never get around to learning French; take up abseiling; understand the concepts of relativity; or be one of Springsteen's back up singers, but you can take control of your affairs, by putting aside just 15 minutes to update your Will.

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Circumstances in life change from the time a Will is created and therefore it's important to revisit your Will to ensure it still mirrors your final wishes.

Are your children old enough now to be your Executor? Perhaps they have blessed you with beautiful grandchildren - even great grandchildren?  Have the parental roles shifted and you're now caring for your parents?

Whatever the reason, it's important to have an up to date Will so your final wishes are followed through in the event of your passing - and with online platforms like Willed, it's never been easier.

Isn't it time you updated your Will?

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How often should a will be reviewed?

It is recommended that you review your Will every three to five years, or whenever there has been a significant life event that could impact your Will.

When to update a will?

There are a number of situations that warrant updating your Will, here are some key questions that you should ask yourself:

  • Have you recently divorced, married or entered into a de facto relationship?
  • Have you lost a spouse, parent or family member?
  • Does your Executor still have the means to do the job?
  • Are there new additions to the family?
  • Have your beneficiaries changed?
  • Have you disposed of any assets?
  • Have you inherited assets?
  • Are your children over 18?
  • Do you wish to donate to charity?

Is this you? 

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Is your executor still fit for the job?

The Executor list of duties is long and can bring with it stress and difficulty for those closest to you, therefore the person chosen should be carefully considered. You might also consider appointing a professional Executor, like Willed, to help administer your estate.

Reasons your Executor might no longer fit the job: they have become unsuitable due to age, ill health, have moved overseas or passed away - or you have simply had a change of heart.

How to make changes to your will?

In the past, you may have heard of people adding a 'codicil' to their Will to make changes to the document. However, this can often invalidate the original Will and can cause issues for the Executor when distributing the estate.

Therefore, a new Will is a much safer option should you need to update your circumstances, the distribution of your estate or final wishes. Writing a new Will automatically cancels or revokes a previous Will you have made.

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Final wishes

For whatever reason, our family might not understand what our final wishes in life are. Take whether you want to be buried or cremated for example. Yeah, you might have had a fleeting conversation about how you want your ashes spread at sunset, on the outgoing tide on your family's favourite beach - but have you stated that in your Will? There is a scene in the Bridges of Madison County, where Francesca's children can't quite understand why their mother's Will stipulated cremation - this other life she had was a mystery to them.

Talking about end of life planning is an important conversation that should be had with your loved ones. Not only to support your family through grief - but to ensure your legacies from a life well lived are settled the way you had planned.

Remember, it's not about having time, it's about making time.

Update your Will today.


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