Lines of sentiment for funeral notices: 60 Examples

Published: 12/4/2023

In our previous article What to write in a funeral notice, we provided a helpful guide for writing a funeral notice for both newspapers and online.

We mentioned also including a touching line of sentiment to further express your feelings and commemorate your loved one, they also can offer comfort to those who are mourning. Here are 60 lines of sentiment that you are welcome to use in your funeral notice, or which might help provide inspiration to write your own.

  1. Loved and remembered always
  2. Forever in our hearts
  3. Gone but never forgotten
  4. Sadly missed, but never forgotten
  5. Rest in peace
  6. Resting in God's loving arms
  7. Peacefully sleeping
  8. At rest, free from pain
  9. In our thoughts and prayers
  10. In loving memory
  11. Always in our thoughts
  12. Always in our hearts
  13. Fondly remembered
  14. In God's care
  15. Safe in the arms of Jesus
  16. Forever loved, forever missed
  17. Cherished memories
  18. Treasured memories
  19. Memories that will last forever
  20. Gone too soon, but not forgotten
  21. In the hearts of those who loved them
  22. Deeply missed, always remembered
  23. Forever in our prayers
  24. Precious memories
  25. With love and fond memories
  26. Always in our prayers
  27. Loving memories never fade
  28. In our hearts forever
  29. Dearly loved and missed
  30. Forever in our minds
  1. With love and gratitude
  2. Thankful for the time we shared
  3. Their legacy lives on
  4. Forever in the light of our hearts
  5. May your soul rest in peace
  6. Your memory will never fade
  7. Our guardian angel
  8. You will always be remembered
  9. Your love will live on forever
  10. May you find eternal peace
  11. Your life was a blessing to us all
  12. The world was a better place with you in it
  13. We will miss your laughter and your smile
  14. You will always be in our thoughts
  15. You will always hold a special place in our hearts
  16. We were blessed to have you in our lives
  17. You left a lasting impact on everyone you met
  18. Your kindness and generosity will be remembered forever
  19. Your strength and courage inspired us all
  20. You will be missed but not forgotten
  21. The memories we shared will always be cherished
  22. You touched so many lives and will be greatly missed
  23. You will always be a part of our family
  24. Your spirit will live on in all of us
  25. Your legacy will continue to inspire us
  26. You were a shining light in our lives
  27. You will forever be missed and loved
  28. You taught us to love, laugh, and live
  29. Thank you for the memories
  30. Your love will live on in our hearts forever

Lines of sentiment are short phrases or sentences that express love, gratitude and other emotions associated with a person who has passed away. These lines of sentiment can be used in various parts of a funeral notice, including the obituary, eulogy and memorial service program. Lines of sentiment can be short and simple, like "rest in peace," or they can be more detailed and personal, highlighting specific qualities or memories of the person who has passed away. Regardless of the wording, they are a sentimental way to express love, appreciation and respect for our loved ones.

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